Another Month Has Passed………..

Title: G Clef / Medium: Art markers on illustration board / Size: 2.5 x 3.5 *ACEO* - Art Card Edition Original* (AVAILABLE)

Hello my artsy fans and followers! I must apologize for letting another month pass without any posts. I have been keeping really busy with my artwork and with all the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, ect. sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming and time consuming to keep up with it all. Other things tend to get neglected; my blog here being one of those things. I also have 3 commissions I’m working on currently so that’s keeping me busy! I will share the completed comissions once they are finished. 😊

I have missed sharing as well as keeping up with the other blogs and beautiful work of those I follow here on WordPress. So, I am making a promise to myself here and now that I will make more of an effort this year to post and visit more frequently.

Now for some updates………………………………………………………..

Here are some photos of the last commission I completed. Please excuse the poor photos, wish I had better quality pics to show. It’s hard to see some of the details in these. This painting is very special to me. My aunt and uncle asked me to paint owls on a storage box for them to give my cousin for her birthday. She loves Harry Potter and being that I am a HUGE Potter fan, it just seemed the perfect theme. So, I set to work painting these lil Harry Potter inspired owls. This is an acrylic painting on a 7 x 7 paper mâché box. This was so much fun to paint and I’m incredibly honored that they choose me to create this gift for their lovely daughter, my cousin, for her special day.

I also celebrated my 34th birthday on April 1st ( eeeeek!!! 😳😜) and received the cutest little 2.5 x 3.5 vellum illustration boards as a gift. Here are two of the drawings I did using Prismacolor art markers.

Title: G Clef

G Clef

Title: Semiquaver

And another fun update, I currently took the plunge and made a drastic change to my look. I have always been fond of changing my hair style and color. Those who know me well, were never surprised to see me with shoulder length blonde hair one day and two weeks later, I would be sporting a short pixie cut with black hair. Over the last 5 years, I began growing out my hair. The color changes became less and less as I grew less motivated and a bit fearful of messing with my long locks as it took so long to grow out. And lets be honest here, those who have chosen to devote their lives to focusing 100% on their art as a career know that every penny counts. When it comes down to choosing art supplies or hair color and a haircut, that’s a pretty easy choice to make! Of course the art supplies are going to win hands down.

The last year has been a bit of a roller coaster for me, a year with some difficult, sad moments as well as some wonderful, amazing changes. So, I decided to take the plunge and make a drastic change; a much needed one. Just a couple of weeks ago I made the decision to chop off my long locks. In a way, it was   symbolic, a way of saying goodbye to the past and starting out anew. I was also over the time consuming task of washing all that hair and don’t even get me started on what a pain it was to dry and style it!! I was also throwing around the idea of dying my hair a vibrant, funky color. It had appealed to me for quite some time but I would always end up talking myself out of it. Well, life is just too short and yesterday the mood struck and I went for it. I finally took that box of purple Splat hair color out from under the sink and went for it. I am so happy I did!!

New Hair


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It’s Been Awhile

I have really neglected my blog over the last several months so this will be my first post of 2015! I have been really busy with my art, redoing my entire website and I have also begun working on a children’s book! So far this year has started off great and I’m excited to see where it takes me. Here are photos of the artwork I have complete over the last few months.

Enjoy :)

© 2015 Lindsay Carpenter – All artwork and content are the property of Lindsay Carpenter and may not be used or reproduced without obtaining written permission.